SEO Friendly Web Design Guidelines

July 25th, 2020 by esigners

The importance of web design as an SEO-friendly tool transcends mere aesthetics. As you keep reading this piece, you’ll actually find out what we mean. Now, SEO friendly web design can very simply be described as a process of crafting websites that can be easily crawled, understood and indexed by the search engines. The very […]

10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

July 13th, 2020 by esigners

Digital marketing trends are something that cannot be ignored any longer. It does not matter what product or service you offer, or what industry you happen to be a part of. There was a time when companies did not need much more than a Facebook page and a website. However, the digital landscape is evolving […]

The Importance Of Email Marketing

July 6th, 2020 by esigners

Do you already have a business where you are finding it hard to sell what you have to offer in terms of products and services? Do you want to update your audience at all times about the new things happening in your business, or engage them at all times? E-mail marketing can be of significant […]