Power of Blogging for SEO

June 24th, 2020 by esigners

There was a time when blogging was thought to be more of a hobby. However, these days it has become a weapon for the businesses with which they can improve their bottom line. You have lots of statistics to understand how potent blogs are for SEO. For example, 23% of the total time used to do the internet around the world is spent on blogs and social networking sites.

 It helps you generate leads
B2B (business to business) companies that blog twice a month have 70% more leads than companies who do not do so. Now, you may think that this amounts to an unfair advantage for companies that blog while you do not. Now, just think about what would happen if you wrote at least one blog a week. That would mean at least 4 a month. Can you think of the number of leads that you can generate that way? Leads are after all the holy grail of business growth.

It establishes your expertise
One of the biggest issues that you can face when it comes to succeeding as a new business is proving to the people that you are a credible entity. The older companies are more established as well and this is why they have the typical advantage over the new companies. This is because they are well known in the industry. The fact that they are experts in the industry is proven. With blogging, you can play a major role in doing away with such a barrier.

It provides you more inbound links 
This is perhaps the most important factor in this particular case. Inbound links are other websites that are linking to your page. This is a great way in which you can improve your ranking on Google and extend your reach as well. It is pretty difficult to get such valuable links if you do not have a blog. It is known that companies that blog get 97% more inbound links compared to companies that do not do so. Blogging is a must if you are at all serious about improving your inbound traffic and organic reach.

It improves your presence on social media
It was in 1996 that Bill Gates had predicted in future content would be driving the money. At that time, it had been a bold prediction. More than 20 years have passed and it can be said for sure that what Gates had said has come completely true. The majority of content marketers around the world are thus focusing more on blogs when it comes to increasing their budget. You may be asking how blogging is related to social media. Well, they are completely connected, to say the least. With blogs, you have original content to share with your followers.