YouTube Vs TikTok Battle

June 7th, 2020 by esigners

The newest battle doing the rounds on the internet world is the one between YouTube and TikTok. The main area of the problem between these two different platforms is how the users of each of the platforms have been making fun of and belittling users on the others.

Classist and Casteist Slurs
It is being said that YouTube users are being accused of throwing slurs – casteist and classist – on people who use TikTok. They are comparing them to people who are from the lower strata of society. This probably stems from the fact that you need more time and resources to make a channel on YouTube compared to what you need for a similar purpose on TikTok. At YouTube, you need to have millions of subscribers along with lots of software and technical equipment to make a proper channel. This is something that can be hard to procure for people who do not earn much, to begin with.

Active and Passive Viewing
TikTok is a rather addictive platform. However, it can only offer you passive entertainment at best. Much of this could be attributed to the fact that the maximum length of a video over here cannot be more than 60 seconds. People who use YouTube say that TikTok users only scroll through their feed without putting much attention on the same. They do this for hours and that harms their capability to focus and be attentive. YouTube, on the other hand, is a platform that encourages active viewing and offers a lot of knowledge and enrichment in general.

Dissemination Of Information
As far as YouTube users are concerned, people who use TikTok are there only to kill time. Some content creators on YouTube have also alleged that TikTok users have made lots of money without doing anything substantial as such. On the other hand, YouTube users have to devote plenty of hours to edit and research videos before they can upload them and grow the number of subscribers they have on their channel. This is why you can hardly learn anything on TikTok while it is just the opposite of YouTube.

Quality Of Content
There have been many requests to ban TikTok in India. In 2019 the app was banned in India for promoting content created in poor taste. Following this 6 million such videos were removed from the platform by the channel owners. Of late, the app’s rating on Google Play has dropped from 4.5 stars to 1.3 stars. This is after netizens in India demanded that the app be banned. The hashtag #BanTikTok had also been trending on Twitter recently. This happened after some TikTok users spoke in favor of criminal activities like rape and acid attack.