Web Design Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2024

web design trends in 2024

February 9th, 2024 by esigners

In 2023 huge & strong fonts, bright color schemes, dark mode, simple design, and 3D (three-dimensional) components were the most popular trends in the domain of web design. However, the most popular web design trends – the ones that simply cannot be ignored – are expected to be different come 2024.

Grid-based layouts

In 2024 web designers will start dividing their interfaces into pieces by using layouts that resemble grids and incorporate the likes of lines, borders, frames, and grids. This will make it easier for the users to distinguish various areas on websites. Even more important than that is the fact that such arrangements will make it more convenient for visitors to scan and find out the most important areas of a page. No longer will the viewers feel crowded no matter how much content is there on a webpage – it will be easier for them to find important stuff.

Skill of using various design methods at once

In any case, designers have a rather daunting task of creating visuals that catch your eye. The best way to fix this issue will be to use multiple design styles and components at once. The most important aspect in this particular case will be the usage of 3D and 2D elements at once. Doing this will help web designers create dramatic visual contrasts that will grab the attention of viewers and make websites seem more unique and current. They will also use different media to convey their information. They will employ images to support the context provided by the language on a webpage.

Such experiments will help web designs stand out in 2024.

Usage of excessive information

Usually, when people look for information on the web they scan the page rather than reading the entire information that has been presented over there. This is where web designers will use the likes of bigger fonts, videos, and photos to make the most essential material on a page stand out and grab the attention of the viewers in the process. They will also use eye-catching hues so that they can make the content create a bigger visual impact.

Inclusive and diverse 3D designs

In 2024 web designers will use more characters in 3D along with such images and animations, to name a few. This is going to be a critical trend in this particular context this year. 3D structures have existed for a long time but that would not matter in this particular context. Web designers will use more inclusive and diverse 3D graphics and components in their projects. 3D characters are gaining more popularity by the day in their roles as characters and mascots for businesses and websites. 3D will also be used more to enhance minor aspects of websites in 2024.

Using vibrant colors to evoke feelings

Hues can elicit various responses as far as emotions are concerned. In recent years pastels and bright colors have become increasingly popular. This is why in 2024 website designers will use bright hues such as pink, yellow, or red in their work so that viewers associate qualities such as pleasantness, warmth, and vividness when they come across websites that they have designed. It is expected that colors that are not afraid to stand out and pop will remain in trend throughout the year. For example, they will use shades of pink to appeal to women.


Web designers normally look at factors like usability, ease of navigation, and loading time to determine if a website is good or not. It is common knowledge that when there are fewer items on a webpage it is easier for viewers to navigate it. This is the reason why, around the world, web designers have no option but to come up with minimalist and simpler web designs. It is expected that in 2024 this trend will continue as well just like the way it has done so far. This means fewer words and more straightforward choices and symbols.