Tips to create an effective landing page

August 18th, 2022 by esigners

Before you build a landing page, you need to consider your results. Do you want to promote an event? Do you want to sell a particular product or service? Do you want to create your email list?

You need to know what you want to achieve from your landing page. Define your strategy for attracting the target audience’s attention. Be clear on your message and what service you are offering. Designing your landing page right for the first time is something crucial! Every little detail matters in this case. However, landing page design is not really a walk in the park.

Here are the steps you can follow to curate a high-converting landing page for your business.

1: Start with a good heading
You can attract potential clients simply with a catchy headline. It is the most viewed element of your entire landing page. A website owner gets less than 15 seconds when it comes to capturing the attention of the visitor. Your headline needs to explain what you are offering. It should be precise, concise, and clear.

2: Pay attention to the subheading
The purpose of your headline is to attract the attention of the visitor. Adding a subheading will make them stay. Place the subheading directly below the headlines for the best results.

It should complement the header and give more detail and depth about your offerings. If the visitor comes up with objections or doubts about taking action that you want them to take, that subheading will help erase those doubts.

3: Add visual elements
One of the simplest ways to develop a better user experience is to combine concepts with images. Visuals make people retain the website because people remember more than 65% of the information when it is combined with images. After all, the brain processes images faster than text. Pay attention to these guidelines when you are choosing an image for the landing page:

Invest in high-quality and clear pictures.

If you are providing a service, add an image most related to what you are promoting.

If you want to sell a particular product, add a picture of the product.

Do not use stock photos.

4. Add a strong CTA
The most important element of a landing page is call-to-action (CTA). Use a CTA button where your potential customers should click and take action to buy a product or service. Use the words like “Get”, “Discover”, “Learn More”, “Buy Now” or “Sign Up” that lead to conversion.

Finally, your landing page should have an informative body copy that expands your headline and subheading. It complements the visual elements that you have added to your landing page. It helps convert and engage customers by pitching them the benefits they can get from a service or product.