The Future Of Ecommerce

January 9th, 2022 by esigners

The eCommerce landscape has been rapidly changing over the past few years. The eCommerce sector has witnessed a lot of growth even post-pandemic. There have been noticeable growth trends that show that the future of eCommerce is bright and exciting. We will analyze these trends for you so that you can get ideas to grow your own business.

The top trends are:

1. Omnichannel shopping

The line between physical and digital shopping is gradually getting blurred. People might discover a product on a particular channel, for instance, social media, learn more about the product on a different channel, for instance, an online shopping app and might shop it on a different medium, for instance, a physical store. So eCommerce marketers should understand which marketing channels their target audience is engaging with, why their prospects are shopping on a particular channel etc.

2. Social shopping

Social apps like Instagram, Facebook have become so much more than just advertising platforms. Features like “shoppable posts” and “buy button” have turned these apps into online shopping apps. Even stories on these apps these days have shopping stickers that enable people to shop from stories. You can even share your shopping links to your customers through WhatsApp now. The “Stores” feature on the app makes it super easy and organized for both buyers and sellers to do transactions. This is a massive opportunity for eCommerce marketers to grow their brand’s social media presence with creative content.

3. Voice search

From finding a nearby cafe to searching the best store for laptop bags, everyone is constantly using the voice search option. This is a great indication for eCommerce marketers to optimize their online store to voice search using popular keywords and phrases. The trend for Google voice search is rising on an exponential curve. So eCommerce marketers should not ignore this marketing strategy.

4. On-site personalization

Both B2B and B2C customers want a personalized shopping experience these days. Data shows that eCommerce businesses have noticed a 25% growth in revenue when they implemented advanced personalization capabilities in their marketing efforts. AI powered personalization is the biggest eCommerce trend of 2022. As an eCommerce marketer, you should leverage this trend to create a customized shopping experience for your customers for growth.

5. Chatbots

According to the trend predicted by experts, 80% of eCommerce businesses use chatbots to interact with their customers. Intuitive chatbots are acting as personal shopping assistants for customers which makes the online shopping experience easier. eCommerce marketers need to adopt this trend to improve their customer support features.

6. Video marketing

People are responding to short and engaging video ad content now more than ever. eCommerce marketers are using this opportunity to educate people about their products and services, give a solution to the problem of their target audience etc. Videos create a greater impact on the human brain more than any other form of content. You can use this trend to grab the attention of your target audience towards your offer

The eCommerce landscape is a constantly evolving one and a new trend pops up every other day. You need to keep your eyes open and analyze all the recent and upcoming trends to create a marketing strategy that works for your brand.