Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022

February 11th, 2022 by esigners

We live in a world right now where everyone is hooked to their social media screens for most of the day. No wonder it is the most fast-evolving platform with trends changing every other day.

Let us look at some of the dominating trends for this year:

1. Social media has emerged as a major eCommerce shopping site

The trend of shopping from social media platforms is currently on the rise. Both Facebook and Instagram allow users to shop from their platforms directly without sending a user to any third-party site. The data from a very recent survey says that almost 43% of the shoppers use social media platforms as their shopping site in the last few months. Even Twitter and Pinterest might soon hop on this trend.

2. Short-form video content on the rise

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know that short video is all the rage right now. Instagram “reels” are booming like anything right now. Even YouTube introduced “shorts.” Almost every other brand or influencer on social media is creating short and snappy video content to promote themselves. People’s attention spans are gradually on the decline which is automatically increasing the demand for snackable, bite-sized content. No wonder this is the major social media trend of 2022.

3. More AI options

Augmented Reality is a part of almost all of our lives right now. From Snapchat to Google Glass, this technology is present almost on all platforms right now. Snapchat introduced the concept of “Geo-Targeted Filters” that helped people guide their friends around the landmarks in their locality. Even most of the Instagram filters are based on AI. All the news right now about “metaverse” and “NFTs” will also be based on this same technology. No wonder AI is a trend that you cannot overlook in 2022.

4. More user-generated content on all platforms

As per the latest statistics, 47% of brands rely on user-generated content for their social media content strategy. This number will go up to at least 60% by the end of the year. Brands are becoming more creative than ever. UGC content is helping brands engage with their audience on a more personal level. It is helping them connect and communicate with their target audience more effectively than ever. It helps people feel that they are a part of the brand’s social media team too. This is a trend that is not going anywhere any soon.

5. More active Reddit users

Reddit was a platform that no one paid attention to even a few years back. But people right now are having active conversations on important subjects through Reddit threads. People are also using the platform to establish their expertise in any topic. Even some of the celebrities in recent times are answering their fan questions through the subreddit. Most of the content on this platform is taken from platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This trend will expand even more in 2022.

6. Social media marketing will become more sophisticated

You might already notice how personalized the ads on social media platforms already are. Just do one Google Search about a product, and almost all your social media platforms will display ads on that product. Some users have also reported that they saw ads related to the products they even discussed on their WhatsApp chat. Data tracking is now easier than ever. This is helping brands to personalize the entire shopping experience for their target customers more than ever. No wonder the ads are becoming more sophisticated by the day.

Trends in social media are ever-changing. If you want to be updated with all the latest trends, you need to research regularly.