Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

October 19th, 2019 by esigners

The dynamics of digital marketing are yet to be comprehended in their entirety. Our claim is duly reflected by the fact that today – more than 50% of businesses actually don’t have an integrated digital marketing strategy. That’s precisely because most of them are wasting their time and money looking up the internet to implement strategies that are at best – unwittingly half-baked.

RACE: The “How” and “Why” of it
If you haven’t heard about the RACE framework yet, do make sure that after reading this post, you’re actually acquainting yourself with the same. The Reach, Act, Convert, Engage framework is your way to digital supremacy. Here is a look at comprehensive digital marketing toolkit:
Content Marketing
Paid Media
Digital Experience Management
Marketing – Strategy and Planning
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing and Marketing Automation
Search Engine Optimization
Google Analytics

A holistic approach to successful digital marketing can never be complete without the aforementioned facets. Do ensure that you’re guided by efficient digital marketing consultants throughout. Skip the DIY bit. That’s no means to master nuances like paid media, Google analytics or even e-mail marketing.

Are your Digital Marketing Strategies Aligned with your Objectives?

Are you even sure whether your digital marketing strategies are aligned with the trends? What if you have missed out on one of the crucial components (as have been mentioned above) of digital marketing? Be sure that your visibility campaigns will dwindle into obscurity if you’re leaving out even a crucial strand of marketing.

Make sure the consultant you’re finally getting on board is duly aware of RACE. Choose to rely on a comprehensive portfolio instead of selecting your agent on a random basis. Give wings to your digital aspirations by choosing the right consultant – capable of leveraging the right framework.