How have Machine Learning and AI Changed the Face of Marketing

August 24th, 2019 by esigners

Thanks to overwhelming amount of data available, Artificial Intelligence is literally emerging as a comfort zone for marketers. Brands are way less confounded by its dynamism – than what was the case before. In fact, it is practically impossible for brands to sift, mine and make sense of the huge amount of data to customize their strategies for the audience. AI and machine learning have helped marketers shore up marketing efficiency thereby keeping online experiences highly personal-able.
Marketers are increasingly relying on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to analyze competitors. Tracking conversation pain points has become way easier than what it was before. Gaining competitive edge has emerged as a more streamlined process.

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Actually Help Marketers Adopt a Comprehensive Approach
How do you respond to your customers’ ever-evolving tastes? By adopting a comprehensive marketing approach. If you’re coming up with a more refined social media strategy, you should have an equally refined website waiting for your audience. “Opinion” makes for one of the cornerstones of market analysis. Yes. Your audience takes very little time to form opinions. Your website ends up influencing brand perception in a major way. So, please ensure that your website is worth your audience’s attention. Spend liberally on the creation of your website. Get credentialed web designers on board to get the job done. Do check their qualification properly before signing up for services.

Shore Up your Social Listening Skills
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also useful when it comes to assisting social listening. Talk about “listening” to the conversations, taking down notes pertaining to certain key phrases, brands and keywords – there is actually a lot that Machine Learning helps you do. You don’t have to invest in thousands of man hours to actually learn them. With AI you are actually getting a superhuman on board.