Importance Of Mobile-Friendly Websites

November 8th, 2019 by esigners

What if You aren’t Mobile-Friendly?
With mobile traffic officially outweighing desktop traffic in October, 2016 – we have witnessed so many companies clamoring for mobile visibility and introducing changes to their respective websites in accordance. Today, without a mobile-friendly site, your online visibility does get affected adversely. If you are yet to make your website design mobile-friendly, then these are consequences that you’re likely to encounter. Read on.

Why Mobile Responsiveness?
At the very onset, do let us tell you that if Google finds that your website is not compatible with mobile search – i.e. if the website is slow to load on mobile – then you’ll end up losing rank.
As far as SEO is concerned, mobile-friendliness is the third most important factor governing your ranking. Google, on November 2016, had made it clear that it would crawl the mobile version of your site before the desktop version of the same. It went a notch higher claiming later that it would take the ranking signals only from mobile and not desktop.

How do they Search You?
Now, it is important to understand how your audience searches you. Buyer personas differ according to industries. Mobile search is crucial to service-based industries. Those in need of emergency services might as well have to search you while they are on the move. That’s where investing in mobile-responsive web design services makes sense.

Make sure you’re analyzing your Google analytics data to find out how your target market searches you. At the end of the day – mobile-friendly websites are great at bolstering your bottomline – irrespective of which industry you’re a part of. A poor experience might as well spell bad news for you. As per reports, 57% of your customers are not going to recommend you if your website is not mobile-friendly. What more? 40% of your customers are likely to shift to your rivals in case you are unable to offer them a satisfactory mobile experience.