How Product Videos Impact Your Ecommerce Sales?

product videos

December 13th, 2023 by esigners

Are you looking to edge past your rivals in terms of online sales? There is one opportunity that tends to be overlooked by a lot of marketers and that is adding videos to their retail listings and product pages. Customers visit online shops with the intent to shop and if you want to tell them about the special aspects of your products then and there you have to use the strength of videos on your e-commerce website – you simply cannot afford to overlook the same. There are some interesting stats that you must know in this case with the first being that 80% of marketers say that videos increase their sales directly. 

84% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by the videos of the brands they bought from. 

Why should you use videos on your e-commerce site?

If you want your buyers to be confident about the buying decisions that they make on your website they must understand the benefits that they get from your product and its overall value as such. The most efficient manner in which you can communicate this decision is visually by way of videos and images. On an average, online shoppers expect that they will see three videos and six images when they spend their money on a product from a retail website. Using videos on your e-commerce listings and videos is the easiest way you can enhance the experience your customers have on the website. 

With product videos, you can streamline the sharing of information regarding your brand and provide your customers with crucial information straight at the purchase point. 

Ways to incorporate video into your e-commerce strategy

There are several ways in which you can go about this depending on the kind of page where you are incorporating the video such as store pages, product listings, and retail media. Your store page is like your personal online shop where you have a say on the content placed on the store page of your retail website. In a lot of these cases, you have creative control over the design of the landing pages. Product listing videos are one of the best ways to convey how valuable your products are, their uses, and general information about your brand. 

Nowadays an increasing number of people are shopping online and this is why marketers must maximize the digital shelf to compensate for the loss of brand interactions in stores such as shelf placements, point-of-sale advertising, and displays. 

The various kinds of product-oriented videos you require 

The most prominent options that you have in this regard are product heroes, items in situation, tutorials or demonstrations, lifestyle placements, stop motion videos, and customer testimonials. Product heroes are videos that show the most special features and attributes of your product, and help accentuate them in ways that are not possible from only images. In items in situation videos, you highlight specific products being used and this shows your audience the purpose that they are intended for. These videos also highlight how the product fits in their lifestyle and the way it complements the other products in your range. 

Demo videos are an excellent way to provide detailed product functions and information in a manner that can be understood easily by your customers.  

Never forget to cross-promote your videos 

After you have come up with great videos that feature your products it is given that you will publish and promote them on all the social channels where you are maintaining a presence. E-commerce videos are the perfect way to re-target your website visitors with ads and engage your audience on social media platforms as well! Short-format videos are rather successful when you use them for organic social and performance advertising. Social platforms comprise four of the top six channels where people watch videos. 

The digital shelf is as crowded as it gets and this is why it is so important that you engage the customers with informative visuals that make it easy for them to buy from you. A lot of brands do not use all of the visual touch-points that are available to them on retail and e-commerce websites such as gallery uploads which is an ideal way to place such videos. Customers in these cases always expect that they will see a certain number of content pieces on every product listing. If a brand does not use them it is missing out on opportunities to sell its products. Videos are the most effective way to engage customers at each stage of the purchasing cycle.