Employ LinkedIn To Generate Leads

April 1st, 2020 by esigners

LinkedIn is perhaps one of those “lucrative” social media platforms that promise immense possibilities as far as lead generation is concerned. As referral selling expert, Joanne Black, opines – the goal of social media is never to sell but to stimulate conversations consequentially paving the way for relationships. And, LinkedIn lets you do exactly that. You have got your potential customers there. All you need to is rethink your strategies if you have not yet done it already.

We’ll give you not one but a plethora of surefire ways to succeed in this regard. Do read on to explore.

Keep your Basics Right
And that actually means working on your profile itself. Regardless of whether you’re in the process of creating a profile here or already have one, make sure it has all the details that your customers might need from you. A well-rounded polished LinkedIn profile should include a detailed heading and summary. Refer to the platform’s Social Selling Index to explore ways to improve (if need be).

Don’t Undermine the Power of Groups
That’s because they expedite personal brand in more ways than you can imagine. Join relevant groups where your potential customers are present. Don’t just be “present” in these groups but be sure to make your presence felt.
Be a part of conversations that help you learn more about your industry, clarify your doubts by putting up questions, explore your pain points and options to solve these pain points and a lot more! In fact, these groups can largely be used to explore insights on ways to connect and reconnect with potential and existing customers.

Your former clients are there
Come to think of it! Your “revitalized” LinkedIn profile might as well be an avenue for your former client to know you all anew! Reach out to them with a reference to your former association. Mention something positive which you have done together and find out if there is a window for future collaboration or not!

So, anyone looking forward to substantiating their lead generation efforts through LinkedIn, you can refer to this primer as a checklist of sorts.