The Difference Between UX And UI

May 4th, 2020 by esigners

The term UX stands for user experience and UI stands for user interface. The thing with UI is that it is supposed to be used by a user. If it does not provide the users a good experience they would never come back to your site. This would mean that your UI has failed. This means that if your UX is not good enough there is no use designing a good UI.

How to solve this issue?
In spite of all this there is an easy way you can solve this particular problem. It is only supposed to provide a solution as such. UX is not really as straightforward as such. It depends on the people who form your user base. Let us say that you are designing a UI for people who do not use a lot of computers or apps as such. In that case you need to make sure that your UX is simple and clean. This would make sure that they are not confused at all. On the flip-side the people you are targeting could be proficient in using technology. In that case, you would have to make sure that your UX is attractive enough to draw them in.

Designing the same app in different ways
This means that the same app can be designed in various ways keeping in mind your target audience. You can be sure that if you strike the correct balance you would be successful with your product or service. Your UX design should be intuitive as well. Normally, users would expect that the home button is on the top half of the left corner. You can always change that. But that would affect the prospects of your UX. This is why it is very important that you understand who your target clients are. Your UX design needs to be comfortable.For that you can use your previous experience as well.

You must also keep in mind that your UX for a web app should be different from a mobile app. You also need to consider it when you are designing your UI. It is really the UX that matters in the end.