Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes

August 11th, 2023 by esigners

Instagram has over a billion active users and so if you are not on that platform you can find it hard to grow your business. However, there are also some mistakes that you must avoid over here.

Buying likes and followers

This is a common mistake that people make on Instagram. If you find any service offering you thousands of Instagram followers for a pittance and saying it can help you make an influencer know it is a blatant lie.

Using excessively popular hashtags

This is not the ideal way to promote your Instagram posts as they would not help them appear to a wider audience for more than a second!

Not adding a link to your website in your bio

This might seem like a minor mistake at first glance but it can cost you a lot of followers down the line. This is because, without a website link, your followers cannot buy from you!

Neglecting Instagram Stories and IGTV

Remember that IGTV is a highly crucial update, especially for brands as it provides them with the opportunity to operate full-fledged ads right from their Instagram accounts. Stories help brands share their daily activities.

Not involving influencers

If you have not yet established partnerships with influencers on Instagram it is time you did so as influencer marketing is seamless. It never seems forced and users perceive such efforts as genuine recommendations from established individuals.

Running mistargeted contests

If you run contests with simple actions you might attract thousands of people in a short span but once you announce the winner most of them would leave. Remember they are following you only to try their luck.

Getting the captions wrong

It is useless to write captions that are dull, long, and look like sales pitches. The same can also be said of posts without any caption at all. Remember that Instagram is not only about pictures.

Focusing on quantity rather than quality

If you are focusing too much time and effort on creating a lot of content you are not creating content that is more relevant to your marketing efforts on social media.

Promoting yourself excessively in your content

Nobody likes it when they feel that they are being sold something. So, rather than excessive self-promotion focus your attention and energy on the promotion of your products such as using every post to plug the latest service or product.

Not responding to user comments

Comments allow your posts to be more than static images and provide a scope for connecting, conversing, and engaging your followers. So, you must always engage whenever someone comments on your images or videos.

Ignoring your Instagram analytics

Analytics is something that you must pay attention to. You may consider them to be trivial numbers but they help you find out the rookie mistakes you are making on Instagram.

So, how many of these mistakes have you ever made? You may have made all of them but even then it is never too late to start fresh and correct the mistakes.