Choose Colors Wisely To Use on Your Website & Logo

June 15th, 2022 by esigners

Are you looking forward to choosing the ideal color scheme for your brand? Do you want to make use of the best colors on your business logo and website? This article will highlight the design tips for choosing colors wisely for your website and logo. You need to understand the psychology of colors and how to choose the best one for your business by combining them.

What colors indicate what?
Some colors have a notable impact on customers and others don’t. Yellow makes your brand look approachable and youthful. We have come up with a definite list of what the colors tell us about possible clients.

Red refers to the universal sign of anger, passion, and excitement. It makes you stand out from the crowd by drawing attention. Is your brand modern, youthful, playful, or loud? Consider red in this case. More classic, mature, or serious? Red may not be the color for you.

Red is the first and foremost color the children can see besides black and white. According to scientists, humans have a wall to the capability to see red better than other shades because it allows us to easily identify fruits growing on the tree branches.

It leads to a strong evolutionary meaning. Today we associate red with heightened emotion including anger, passion, and love. It is also shown to stimulate appetite, which is why you can see it in many restaurant and food logos. Whether used as an accent color or alone, red symbolizes a powerful choice for a website and logo color.

Orange is a playful and invigorating color. You can choose orange to stand out from the rest. It is used less than red but still comes with an energetic punch. Be careful when using orange for your brand when trying to appear serious and luxurious because it does not invoke those emotions in consumers.

A combination of red, yellow, and orange takes on the traits of both of the primary colors. Orange was one of the most recent color words added to the English language. It is associated with change and is often used that like to consider themselves a little bit different.

The yellow website and logo reflect friendliness and accessibility. It excludes cheer. Your brand is going to radiate youthful and affordable energy. Alternatively, most people do not mix yellow with luxury or maturity, therefore you need to think twice if that is how you want your logo to be seen.

Yellow refers to the primary colors in subtractive color systems and it is one of the first paint colors humans were capable of mixing. It comes with many cultural associations and is one of those shades that is very diverse. A bright and soft yellow is fresh and light, whereas a deep shade holds more history and weight.

Green is the ultimate when it comes to versatility. It is a color that is not linked with brand’s personality traits but comes with a strong cultural association. Generally, green represents the natural world. It is why vegan, eco-friendly and natural wellness brands generally have green logos. You can also use green for any business.

Blue symbolizes maturity and trustworthiness. You can use it for your website and logo. One thing you need to keep in mind is blue is the classic king of colors and appears in over half of all logos. As blue can also evoke serenity and calmness, you need to find a way to avoid fading it to the background if you use this color.

With all that being said, use blue for your brand logo and website if you want to exude trust and confidence in your brand. Be careful of using blue in food service because it suppresses appetite. If you want to be more playful, make sure to choose a lighter blue that is on the teal side of the color wheel.

Black, purple, pink, brown, grey, and white are some other colors that you can use for your website and logo. Logo colors come from the collision of art, science, and culture. How your clients respond to color combinations and is influenced by three things – learned cultural associations, evolutionary programming, and aesthetics.