Battling This Pandemic with AI

May 11th, 2020 by esigners

Artificial intelligence is poised to play a major role as far as batting the Corona Virus pandemic is concerned. This includes communication and command systems, which are working real-time, as well as smart clinical chat assistants. Amidst the rapid deepening of the crisis, experts feel that AI can be optimally harnessed as a potential defense. All the top hospitals around the world are now using such technology to combat this particular outbreak. This includes the likes of Tan Tock Seng Hospital and National University Hospital of Singapore.

In both these hospitals, AI (artificial intelligence) is being used so that doctors and other healthcare workers can get the latest information regarding the outbreak almost as soon as it happens.

How is artificial intelligence being used by the police during the Corona Virus pandemic?

The law enforcement sector is employing artificial intelligence in these times of pandemic as well. One of the biggest examples of that is the Telangana Police that is using such technology for purposes of surveillance. Across the Police Commissioner of Hyderabad, it has set up 330 cameras using AI technology. Whenever the officers see more than 5 people in an area they alert the operational teams so that the situation can be addressed properly— needless to say- with immediate effect.

How is artificial intelligence being used by the data sector during the Corona Virus pandemic?

In continents such as Europe service providers such as Netflix and Amazon are being requested to downgrade to SD (standard definition) from HD (high definition) so that there is less pressure on data consumption. This is where AI is expected to be so helpful. Startups such as Myelin Foundry, a company that specializes in deep tech, are coming up with technology that can make SD content look like HD and thus save 40% on storage space.

How should artificial intelligence be used by the food retail sector during the Corona Virus pandemic?

Given the present situation experts in the food retail sector believe that companies should possess e-commerce solutions that are credible and strong. This would allow them to reach their customers directly rather than having them visit a supermarket. Companies such as M&S (United Kingdom) and Aeon (Japan) have already proved their worth in this regard. The next big name in this regard, as per the experts, is going to be Ocado. Experts have also called on food retailers to associate with these platforms rather than building their e-commerce platforms from scratch as that entails substantial money and time.

How should artificial intelligence be used by the robotics sector during the Corona Virus pandemic?

Experts are enthused by how robots are being used in various sectors along with the electronics industry and the car industry. However, the implementation isn’t without its fair share of challenges as well. How they can be controlled? How much autonomy should they be given? What kind of independence should they have? Artificial Intelligence is likely to play a major role- governing answers to these questions!