A Professional Website: 6 Things It Should Have

September 10th, 2020 by esigners

Designing a professional website doesn’t exactly have to be a daunting process, provided, you’re aware of the elements that a business website should have – without fail. Offered below is a rundown.

Focus on the Experience
Your visitors’ experience on your website can be crafted way before the website is actually designed. Even before you’re typing an HTML Tag, you should have a clear idea as to how you would like the website to work. A very important part of designing a website is wire-framing – whereby a designer includes all his thoughts in a mock design and shows it to friends to gauge whether it’ll work for a larger follower base or not.

Business Information
Your website might as well be a winner in terms of visual appeal. However, please remember, all your effort would mean nothing if it isn’t backed by crucial information about your business. They say it right when they say that businesses often end up committing the mistake of crafting the website they “want” instead of something that they “need”.
You might as well want your text to be all “picturesque” but let us tell you that beyond the visual vitality of your website, your visitors would want to know about you – the way you started, what you’re dealing into, contact info, company vision and others. Be precise but make sure you have got all the relevant facts across.

Branding – It has always “mattered” and it will continue to matter
Small businesses often undermine the importance of branding. Please remember that every element of your website – the color, font and the logo used by you- contributes to your brand! Make sure you’re using them in a cohesive manner to stay consistent with the brand image that you’re trying to build. Do not think that you can go haywire with your imagination and execution in this regard.

Your site should be easily navigable
Please don’t forget that there several options to choose from when it comes to website menus – scroll-triggered, hamburger, drop-down, and so on and so forth. Regardless of the option you’re selecting – do make sure that your website can be easily navigated by your user. Make it a simple, organized and intuitive experience for your users.

That’s a must – for all types of websites – especially for e-commerce websites. You need an SSL certificate to encrypt communication with clients which will help you keep risks of identity theft at bay.

Good Mobile Experience
More than 70-80% of the users are likely to check your website out via your mobile device. So, you need to ensure that your website is mobile responsive. It shouldn’t take them eons to open your website. Losing mobile traffic today implies that you have lost more than half of your web traffic.