A Complete Guide To Brand Building

July 23rd, 2019 by esigners

Brand building remains a more meticulous effort than what one can imagine – not necessarily painstaking but definitely more complex than what we envisaged – perhaps a decade ago! Today, brand building is not solely about steering awareness but “experience” as well. In other words, your work as a digital marketer remains incomplete if:
• You only guarantee rankings without easy recall value
• If people are not searching your brand name on Google
• If, for your customers, you’re not yet in the same bracket as that of your major competitors

Documented below are a few steps with the help of which you can shore up your brand building efforts:

Let us tell you that it all starts with a strong foundation. And by basics we mean everything starting from website speed and company goals to brand logo and business equity. Here’s a look!

• What has the business set out to do? Is there parity between what the brand the promises and what it delivers?

• Does the brand logo have good recall value?

• Is the website fast or responsive?

• Are you analyzing market trends by studying your competitors?

Earning Trust

That’s of course – integral to your brand building efforts. Today, brands are increasingly finding it difficult to garner trust solely by virtue of advertisements. There is a lot of thought which goes into establishing credibility:

• Don’t mislead your customers by false e-mails
• Don’t send bulk e-mails to people who you don’t really know
• Educate them through short videos and infographics

Collaborate with influencers and brands

What is popularly known as co-branding, has actually emerged as one of the easiest way with the help of which you can create brand awareness and generate leads. The most valuable partners that you can rope in are – influencers, functional partners and lead partners.