10 Reasons Why You Need Facebook Ads

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January 11th, 2024 by esigners

Have you ever wondered about how effective the Facebook Ads that you see on your feed are? It is especially interesting when you think that at times these ads tend to be rather annoying and, thus, a complete nuisance. However, in actuality, they can work wonders and especially so for business owners like you.

1. The advertising platform provides you with some great analytics

You can be sure that you would not find such great analytics anywhere else. There are no limits to the analytics and reports that you get from Facebook on how well your ads are performing and not. This takes all the assumptions and guesswork regarding your ad performance out of the equation.

2. They help you micro-target your intended audience

The targeting capabilities of Facebook are so amazing that it is unbelievable and this is especially so when you think of the granularity of the same. You can target audience based on key factors such as the following:

•age ranges

It lets you target the fans of your competitors as well!

3. They help you create ads catering to your specific objective

The very platform of Facebook makes it so simple for you to create ads over there! This is because it guides you through the steps to let you select the type of ad you want, the audience you wish to target, and set a budget and a time-frame for them. Even more importantly, it helps you customize them based on your goals!

4. They help you reach more people than you would with organic posts

Facebook Ads provide you with greater returns on the investment that you make in them and if you know the ways to create and target them properly you can be sure that you will see returns that will make it worth every single penny you invest over here.

5. They let you re-market to people who have interacted with you already

Re-marketing is yet another way you can reach the audience you are targeting because it lets users, who have visited your page in the past, see your ad. When people see your ad more than once you have a higher chance of converting those people to buyers.

6. They let you get conversions and clicks for less money

However, you need proper targeting for this to happen! The CTR (click-through rate) of Facebook is increasing steadily and this is because its advertising tools are steadily improving. This is the reason why businesses are learning how to use ads the right way. Business owners can now target their intended audiences more effectively because of the consistent improvements in creativity and targeting capabilities.

7. They let you find new leads easily

Facebook has a feature named Lookalike Audiences that helps you attract people who are just like the ones that you have converted in the shortest time. With this feature, you can get a custom audience and use Facebook to find people who are similar to the ones who are likeliest to buy from you.

8. They let you add customized call-to-action buttons

On Facebook, most digital ads have a CTA (call-to-action) button that takes your audience to the destination you want them to head such as your website from where they can buy your products and services. This is effective because here you are telling people what they need to do and this increases the likelihood of them doing so.

9. People spend most of their time on social media

There is no way a business can ignore Facebook – the platform is that significant! This is why if you are a business you must have a page on the social media platform. Your current customers are already here and there is a high chance that your future customers are as well.

10. They let you scale your content promotion

Does your website have great content? Then you will want more people to know of it, right? The thing with Facebook Ads is that they help you amplify the reach of your content much more than what the constant updates you share on various social media platforms do. These ads help you reach more people than you would organically.

Apart from these factors, Facebook Ads encourage your customers to be more loyal to your brand. These days, so many businesses use their Facebook pages to make their followers feel like they are part of their community, and rightly so! These pages let you interact with them directly to build your brand image too!